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Software & Hardware Integration

Our team of experts at Securelytics works closely with our clients to understand their product's software & hardware requirements in detail.


For each customer, our services enable a deep knowledge base of their technology requirements to assist in the areas of component obsolescence (component TCO), system efficiency (system performance), and ongoing support.

We provide Software & Hardware Integration Services to our clients, allowing them to create custom embedded appliances and ensure that software IP sets run smoothly.

We have successfully provided Software and Hardware Integration Services to clients throughout the country.

Hardware & Software Integration Services includes:

  • Integration and Qualification

  • 3rd Party Software Integration

  • Custom Development



  • Validation Testing

  • Driver and Component Integration

  • Hardware/Software Optimization

  • Configuration Management


Operating System:

  • Backup and Recovery Solutions

  • Patch Management

  • Image Development



  • Management and Support

  • Development and Qualification

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