Securelytics has developed a number of vendor and solution neutral information security training courses. These courses focus on the unique aspects of the Malaysian security landscape.

The courses are run Malaysia wide and have been attended by a wide range of organisations within both the public and private sectors.

Our training courses are developed to be easily portable between training modes, including self-paced learning, online/distance training, seminar approaches and hands-on-training. Course material is customised to the organisations’ need and requirements and is designed to allow participants to drill down to their level of interest on any of the areas covered in the course.

In addition to our public courses, we provide security awareness training through utilising the existing training collateral available within securelytics, enabling the rapid deployment of an entertaining, informative, and extremely effective information security awareness program along with trained presenters to deliver to your staff and partners.

We recognise the importance of making training relevant to participants and will take your advice on how we can tailor courses to suit your organisation. This can be as simple as focusing on particular subjects to developing entire modules or courses targeting specific subject areas. It is also very common to use past security assessment outcomes to feed directly into the training material.