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BAJET 2023: Securelytics anticipating special incentives to bolster and improve cyber security



BAJET 2023: Securelytics anticipating special incentives to bolster and improve cyber security

KUALA LUMPUR 6th October - Securelytics Sdn Bhd is anticipating the tabling of the upcoming Budget 2023 this coming Friday and is keeping its fingers crossed that the government will be able to include special incentives or funds to bolster and improve the nation's cyber security.

Muzamir Mohamad, Chief Executive Officer of Securelytics Sdn Bhd, believes that the time has come for the government to pay close attention to issues related to cyber security because the number of instances of data leakage and cybercrime is increasing.

"I have high hopes that the upcoming budget will include a special fund allotment to assist small and medium-sized businesses as well as raise awareness about the importance of cyber security among those companies.

"In addition, we are holding out hope that the government will be in a position to provide financial incentives or tax exemptions to any company that achieves certification or purchases a subscription for a cyber security product and services.

He explained, "This is to ensure the safety and security of the technology system, the banking system, and the ability of users' data to be well protected."

Muzamir also mentioned that a number of data breaches and cyber crimes had been reported in the country, highlighting the ever-increasing significance of the requirement for adequate cyber security.

During the course of the previous year, these instances of cybercrime caused a loss of RM560 million for the country.

According to him, robust cyber security is also essential as Malaysia moves toward IR4.0 because the country will be entirely dependent on digital technology and any security issues will have an impact on the government as well as the economy, social, and societal levels.


ABOUT SECURELYTICS SDN BHD Securelytics was founded in 2014 and is a leader in cybersecurity, delivering tailor-made services to support businesses in Malaysia in securing their IT environments. The company provides managed cybersecurity services and cybersecurity advisory with a proven track record, working on projects for local and international clients within sophisticated technology and security. For more information about our services, please visit

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