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Securelytics SMART Programs offers cyber security training in the OIC countries

In collaboration with Secure Experts and the Pakistan Information Security Association (PISA), Securelytics Sdn Bhd recently participated in a cyber security training session in Pakistan.

This training is part of our 'Securelytics-Managed Advanced Cybersecurity Readiness Training (SMART) Programs,' which aim to improve cyber resilience in the OIC countries.

These programs also aim to raise the level of competence and awareness of countries and organizations in cyber security issues.

The two-day training focused on the most in-demand topics, such as Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) and Digital Forensics.

CSP is a movement spearheaded by the Pakistan Information Security Association (PISA) and supported by Security Experts (Pvt) Ltd.) to secure Pakistan on cyber fronts in order to ensure the smooth operation of our society and economy.

It is a platform for open dialogue to bridge gaps between the state, civil society, policymakers, enablers, gurus, and geeks. There were technical talks, focused panel discussions, and numerous networking opportunities for anyone with a stake in or an interest in cyber security.

The theme of this year's CSP conference, the 8th edition, was "Sustainable Cyber Secure Pakistan (CSP) Vision 2030." The theme was in the context of an extremely dynamic and volatile cyber environment, as well as the need for state readiness in response to the UN's agenda of sustainable development goals.

The conference's goals were to engage all relevant stakeholders (private and public) in the areas of emerging trends, challenges, solutions, and global best practices to achieve long-term cyber security in Pakistan.

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